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Hitachino Nest Beer

Hitachino Nest Beer ist brewed by KIUCHI BREWERY, whom have been brewing Japanese Sake since 1823, and now the family ist in 8th generation. Despite importing our malts and hops from the West, we are not simply imitating the Western way. We brew a Japanese Beer. The combination of malts an hops is infinite. Our focus is to match balance the character of each ingredient to create an refined synergy for a ‚perfect‘ brew. The perfectionism continues and evolves. We just brew beer for the people who love good beer.

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Kiuchi Brewery Inc.
311-0133, 1257 Kounosu

location_on Japan (JP)  
phone +81 (0)29-212-5111 +81 (0)29-212-5111
email kiuchi@kodawari.cc
explore hitachino.cc/en/

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Espresso Stout
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Hitachino Nest Beer 0,33 l — € 17,88 / ltr

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